Villeneuve Family Farm

Villeneuve Family Farm


Isaac & Elmo Villeneuve

Villeneuve Family Farm is what knowing where your food comes from is all about!

Isaac Villeneuve, along with his daughter Amanda and son Caleb, are the faces of the market stand, while his wife, Stephanie, and youngest daughters Jose and Jasmine also play important roles in the family business.

Every aspect of the business is family-oriented, stemming from a family tradition, Isaac’s father opened the farm in Centreville in 1994. He and his brother have now been at it for 12 years. Isaac specializes in meats while his brother specializes in vegetables, which he sells at the Market during the warmer months.

The Villeneuves value regenerating the land, and believe it‘s important to nourish the soil with holistic farming practices rather than just sustaining it. Their animals are brought up in a natural way, grass fed (except for in the winter) and all the meat is cut onsite at their farm. The products follow a sequence of farm to market, to your table!

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