Vendor FAQS

Interested in becoming a Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market vendor?

Check out the answers to our most common questions below. 

Who can apply to be a vendor? 

Our vendors are farmers, food producers, growers, artists and craftspeople. Their products include fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy, seafood, hot and prepared food products, preserves, plants and flowers, and handmade non-food items such as soap, clothing, art and more. All vendors must apply or reapply each year. 

What can I sell? 

We prioritize products and producers from York, Sunbury and Queens Counties in New Brunswick. Vendors may only sell products that have been produced by them. You must submit a full product list with your application form. 

What are the vendor categories? 

We have three vendor categories.

  • Reserved: Reserved vendors have an assigned space at The Market that doesn’t move.  You must be a Casual Vendor for at least six months before applying for a reserved space.
  • Seasonal: Seasonal vendors who return yearly are not guaranteed a reserved space, but are generally able to secure a space similar in location year after year.
  • Casual: Vendors who don’t have a reserved space and whose products are not seasonal may apply for a Casual Vendor Permit. Casual vendors are not guaranteed the same location each week.
Can a non-profit group be a vendor or fundraise?  

The Market values community. Every Saturday, we reserve four spaces for non-profit organizations. Any non-profit may attend a maximum of four Saturdays a year to ensure all organizations have a chance to be at The Market. These spaces are in high demand, so book as early as possible.

How do I apply to be a vendor? 

First, review the process page on our website and read all of the Frequently Asked Questions. Send an email to Kristen Gallant at Please include samples or photos of your product as well as links to your website and/or social media pages. 

How long does the application review process take? 

You will receive a written reply within a few weeks of The Market receiving your application. 

How are vendors selected? 

Various factors influence vendor selection, including the overall mix of current vendors and the representation of each product category. Prior vendor status is considered but does not guarantee acceptance. 

What if my application is accepted? 

You will receive a Vendor Permit that is valid for one fiscal year, from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024. It gives you the privilege of offering goods for sale to the public. 

What if my application is not accepted? 

All decisions are final and the reasons will not be provided. You are welcome to apply again next year. 

What are The Market’s hours? 

The Market takes place every Saturday, year-round, from 7 am to 1 pm. If Christmas Day or Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, there is a “Christmas Eve” Market on Thursday or Friday. If New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, there is no extra Market.

When can vendors set up? 

The Market is open on Friday, 8:30 am-3:30 pm, for vendor setup. On Saturday, it’s open to vendors from 5:00 am to 1:30 pm. Vendors are expected to stay until The Market closes at 1 pm. At the end of each Market Day, vendors are encouraged to clean up as quickly as possible. You must leave your stalls neat and tidy, removing all goods and putting refuse in the dumpster.

Who is permitted to work at my stall? 

Your staff members or immediate family members may work at your stall. 

Where will my stall be located? 

All non-reserved stalls are assigned on a casual basis on Market Day at the discretion of the Market Coordinator. Stalls may be located in the Market building, under the covered area outside of the Market building or in the parking lot. Access to electricity or counter or shelf space is not guaranteed. Vendors must accept a stall “as is” in terms of location, dimensions, services and facilities. We cannot guarantee the availability of stalls for all vendors on any given Market Day. 

How are the stalls assigned? 

The Market Coordinator considers a number of factors, including vendor mix, and has the right to close vendor categories to ensure a balanced variety of products and vendors. 

What is the weekly rental fee for a stall? 

Fees range from $20-$45, depending on a mix of factors, including stall location, features such as counter space and services such as electrical access. Fees for Casual and Seasonal stalls are collected weekly, upon arrival at The Market.

How many stalls can I apply for? 

No vendor will be issued more than five stalls. 

How do I apply for a reserved stall? 

You must apply in writing and have been attending The Market regularly for at least six months. If you decline a reserved stall when it is offered, your name goes to the bottom of the waitlist.

What safety and food regulations do vendors have to follow? 

Food vendors must comply with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations applicable to your goods.

What if I want to sell food items? 

You must receive written approval from the Department of Health before you can sell at The Market. You must also submit a copy of your “Safe Food Handlers Course” certificate with your application. The completion date on this certificate must be within two years of the application date.  

What if I need to cook or heat my food product? 

Any vendors using an open flame, electric grill or fryer will be assigned space in a designated area following the rules and regulations of the Fire Department. All Food Court vendors are required to use a minimum 12-gauge extension cord.

Are live animals permitted on-site? 

No. The only exception is service dogs. 

Do I need insurance? 

All vendors should carry sufficient liability insurance.

Who’s in charge of the Market? 

The Market is under the supervision of the Market Coordinator, who handles all vendor inquiries and applications. The Coordinator also collects stall fees and issues receipts to vendors.