Stoneworks Knife Sharpening

Stone Works Knife Sharpening


Martin Grosweiner

Equipped with machines he made himself, youโ€™ll find Martin Grosweiner hard at work every Saturday morning, sharpening knives with minimal heat and friction to protect the integrity of your most loved knives and scissors!

A retired photographer, his retirement project, Stone Works, came from his passion for food, specifically Asian cuisine which he first learned to cook at a class with Betty Lee, a previous Market vendor. As his passion grew, he began using handcrafted Japanese knives, taking an interest in hand-sharpening to make sure his utensils were always at the perfect angle and as sharp as can be!

Martinโ€™s customers include local chefs, crafters, hairdressers and everyone in between! From scissors and hunting knives to your favourite kitchen knife thatโ€™s starting to feel a little dull, Martin will make it sharp like new, while you get your shopping done at the Market! Donโ€™t have a knife yet? He sells those too, handcrafted in Japan with 69 layers of steel!
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