Darkwood Woodcarving


Gary Crosby

A hike clearing mines on one of many missions in his 35 years in the military led Gary Crosby to discover the art of woodcarving. Near the end of a hike on his Rwandan mission, he came across a monastery where he met a man who taught him the beginnings of his new hobby. During his time in Europe, Africa, Central America and beyond, Gary has learned techniques from all over the world. He has experimented with a variety of woods, honing his style and learning about the unique properties of each one. His work has been showcased at NATO headquarters and in Canadian consulate locations.

Together with his wife, Marie, Gary designs and creates birdhouses, lawn decorations and functional wooden pieces. Marie specializes in painting and has produced many detailed works, of which they sell prints at the market. You can often find Gary at work in the courtyard carving live. Be sure to stop by Woodcarving Darkwood DW and hear his fascinating stories!

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