Thai Food

Operates seasonally in the food court from April to December.

At J’s Taste of Thai we offer you a little corner of Thailand in Fredericton’s famous Farmers’ Market. Every week, you can savor a multitude of dishes ranging from the classic Pat Thai to the more traditional Beef Curry Noodle. Since 1995, we have delighted visitors with our original recipes and varied flavors. At J’s Taste of Thai, everything’s goooooooooood!


Pat Thai

This classic Thai noodle dish is Thailand’s most recognizable dish and by far the most popular one on our menu. Pat Thai is a stir-fry of rice noodles with vegetables and served with peanut or hot sauce. Both versions are gluten-free and contain no MSG.

Pat Mee

Pat Mee is a tasty alternative to the Pad Thai, serving a stir-fry of thin rice noodles with pork, curry, and soy sauce.

Beef Curry Noodle

This is a typical dish from the Northeast of Thailand, and combines rice noodles with beef, curry, vegetables, and sweet & sour sauce.

Thai Basil

This dish contains spicy pork with basil sauce served over rice (the basil is grown in our garden). It has become one of our most popular dishes because of its taste and texture.


Sweet Potatoes

The most popular of our snacks, these thin sweet potato slices are fried in a special batter of sesame and coconut milk.

Spring Rolls

The spring rolls come in two versions: vegetarian, stuffed with tofu, rice, and cabbage. Beef spring rolls have carrot, bean noodles, Chinese mushrooms, and beef. These beef spring rolls are our latest addition to the menu and have quickly become our most preferred snack.


Our crispy wontons are stuffed with potato curry, pork, and beef.

Come taste our savory dishes every Saturday morning and don’t forget: Everything’s goooooooooood!