East Coast Candles


At East Coast Candles, we’re proud to offer a complete line of candles, in various styles, scents, and waxes. Each candle is handcrafted from start to finish and extensively tested to ensure optimal burn and scent throw. Whether it’s our signature dessert bowls that look and smell like real fruits and tasty treats, reed diffusers that give you the same great scents without having to attend to a burning candle, or favours for your special occasions in more than 150 amazing scents – we have what you’re looking for.


Being green is important to us. We’ve purposefully taken a minimalistic approach to packaging, to ensure as much of it is recyclable by the consumer or reusable by us as possible. We have a return program in place, where if you return a clean jar or dish to us, you save $1 off your next purchase. We’ve taken great strides to minimize the power consumption used in our production and support green energy via Bullfrog Power. We’re also proud to say, that even though water is extensively used in our production, we have not used a single drop of fresh water in well over a year. And whenever we can, we source our raw materials and packaging in Canada.


Looking for something you don’t see on our website? We’re happy to accept custom orders anytime, so drop us a line and see if we can make it for you. Check back often, we’re always testing and launching something new.